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12 September 2010 @ 10:34 pm
This post is for all discussion regarding Round 22 including predictions, unofficial vote counts, who to watch out for, gifs/macros/picspams/videos supporting or against an idol etc.

Remember this is just a game, so no flaming/trolling/insulting each other, unless it is permitted in the rules.

Make sure to check out the Graphics Sharing post too. This game needs moar lulz.

Eliminated last round: Seungyeol

Final 2: remember, you're voting for the idol you want to WIN for this round. As in, if you want Junho to win, vote Junho, and if you want L to win, vote L.
12 September 2010 @ 10:34 pm
Vote for the idol you want to WIN. To vote post the name of the idol you want to win the first K-Pop Survivor as a comment to this post.

The idol with the most amount of votes will emerge victorious.

This round will end Tuesday 14th September 7PM GMT. To check what time this is in your time zone go here.


- You can only vote once per group per round. Posting again or editing your vote will null your vote ie. it will not count. This also includes multiple accounts/sockpuppets. If you think you will change your mind when you see how others vote then wait and vote later in the round instead.

- Only votes belong in the voting posts. Any other discussion or gifs/macros/photospams belong in the discussion posts which will be posted each round.

- Make sure it is clear who you are voting for. Using nicknames may confuse vote counters which may lead to your vote not being counted. Also korean idols happen to share names - voting for "Jooyeon", "Minwoo" or "Changmin" without distinguishing between the two idols will not count so make it clear which idol you mean by using their assigned number or which idol group they belong to.

If you do not follow these rules then there is a good chance that your votes will not count!

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